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Preliminary Policy Directions


Preliminary Policy Directions

On 9 December 2019 a Joint Meeting of the Planning Committee and the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee recommended that Council approve a set of the Preliminary Policy Directions for the new Official Plan.  Subsequently, on 11 December Council gave direction for staff to proceed with the drafting of the Official Plan. The full set of Preliminary Policy Directions is HERE

A highlighted version of the Preliminary Policy Directions this is found HERE draws attention to sections of interest to rural residents. Many other areas that are identified in these Policy Directions have city-wide application and are not highlighted. Policies in areas like Social Infrastructure, Housing, Parks & Recreation, and Health are highlighted HERE in this version of that document. 

The Rural Discussion Paper is a helpful backgrounder and a reminder of rural issues. The Rural Lens document alerts to some of the unique considerations for Ottawa's Rural Area and residents.   Some highlights of the Public Consultation process in the form of an "What We Have Heard" report are HERE

A challenge during the development of the Draft Official Plan will be to ensure that each of the Policy Directions is viewed through the Rural Lens. This is necessary to ensure that those aspects that have different application in the rural area are identified and suitably addressed. We are in the process of reviewing this document to determine where improvements are warranted to better address the rural concerns in long term planning. If you have concerns in this area, please advise us by email at